Friday, September 4, 2009


Alaska and the Yukon have a lot of old stuff. When one lives in a remote part of the country old stuff means having a part to fix something else when you can't get out at -40 degrees. One can see old washers, cars and other old worn out stuff in the yards in rural Alaska and the Yukon. Also where does one take old stuff when you live miles away from a town.

Old truck in Carcross, Yukon

Old stuff in store window in Carcross, Yukon

Wagon wheel and burl pole in front of old log cabin window.

The cabin has sunk down because it was built on the ground and has melted some of the permafrost.

Old digger in Pioneer Park, Fairbanks
Some old stuff was kept to show the past. Most of this old stuff shows the life of the gold miner and the stuff they used to live in the new frontier of Alaska.

Stuff at a home taken from rainy, reflective coach window

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